About Us

Balanced Health Kentucky is a transparent, policy data-driven, community facing organization.

We seek to share a financially and legally sound reform to serve as a national model to fully fund Medicaid expansion. Our interactions with legislative and community leaders will be positive with an understanding of the difficult financial and political pressures. We welcome all supporters in our effort. We will refrain from any activity that seeks to divide Kentuckians.

We have created a tool kit to empower the General Assembly to undertake comprehensive healthcare tax reform.

Today’s Three Realities


Kentucky faces a $200M-300M Medicaid budget shortfall which will double by 2020.


The Governor of Kentucky has complete executive authority to end part or all of Medicaid expansion to balance the budget thus ending healthcare coverage for 435,000 Kentuckians.


The General Assembly has complete legislative authority to fully fund Medicaid expansion. This can be achieved through comprehensive healthcare tax reform by lowering the current high tax rates and broadening the current narrow base, in order to make Medicaid financially self-sustainable.

Our Volunteer Team

Gerard Colman
CEO, Baptist Health

Russ Cox
CEO, Norton Healthcare

Garren Colvin
CEO, St. Elizabeth

Joe Grossman
CEO, Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Jane Wheatley
CEO, Taylor Regional Hospital

Riggs Lewis
President, Balanced Health KY

Our Consultants

Dr. Michael Clark

Dr. Michael Clark

Timothy Eifler

Timothy Eifler